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Smoke Detector Inspection

Smoke detectors have saved thousands of lives since they first became widely available in the 1970s. However, in order for them to be effective, they need to function properly and be located in the correct areas of your home. If you’re having a new smoke detector installed, or if you’re moving into an older home in Hunterdon County, we can perform an inspection to ensure that it is installed correctly and up to all local and national standards of code.

smoke detector inspection hunterdon countyWhy choose Mister Sparky Central New Jersey for your smoke detector inspection?

  • Certified, knowledgeable professionals – Our electricians are certified in the state of New Jersey and are aware of all applicable codes from the National Fire Prevention Association and local municipalities.
  • Clear, upfront pricing – With us, you’ll always know exactly what you’re going to pay for your smoke detector inspection. There are never any hidden fees or surcharges.
  • On-time service – When you choose us, you won’t be left waiting around, wondering when your service contractor is going to show up. We promise to arrive on time, or you won’t pay anything.
  • Respectful, trustworthy technicians – We conduct extensive background checks to ensure that only reputable individuals enter your home to perform services such as a smoke detector inspection. Plus, you’ll never see our technicians smoking or swearing in your home.

Types of Smoke Detectors

There are several different types of smoke detectors which you may have in your home. There are different methods of detecting smoke, as well as multiple ways that the detector itself may be powered.

Detection Methods:

  • Photoelectric – This type of sensor relies on optical detection to sense the presence of smoke in your home.
  • Ionization – This type of sensor uses a physical process to detect if there is smoke in the vicinity.
  • Combination – These smoke detectors use both methods for increased reliability.

Power Source:

  • Electricity – In many newer homes, it is required that the smoke alarm is hooked up directly to the home’s electrical wiring system. These smoke detectors must also be interconnected and make use of a battery backup system.
  • Battery – Older homes and apartments may rely on a disposable battery to keep the smoke detector operating. If you have a battery-powered detector, it is important to regularly test the alarm and change the battery if necessary. Models are also available with a lithium-ion battery which will last about 7-10 years.

Smoke Detector Guidelines

When we perform a smoke detector inspection, we will verify that all of the smoke detectors in your home meet the current code requirements. New requirements state that smoke alarms must be placed on every floor of the home, including the basement. Additionally, there must be a smoke detector placed in every bedroom. This increases safety for everyone in your family in the event that a fire occurs while everyone is asleep. In this instance, having an interconnected alarm system can also dramatically increase safety, giving more time for everyone to evacuate.

If you need a smoke detector installed, replaced, or inspected in your Hunterdon County home, turn to the reliable electricians at Mister Sparky Central New Jersey.