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The Electrical Odyssey Into Your Home

As we wake from a dream, we may feel a bit groggy; uncertain of our bed, the room, or the year, even. But what doesn’t surprise us is electricity. Growing up, we take for granted that the world wasn’t always electric — teeming with light at any hour, all across the globe. Since the Industrial Revolution, electricity has slowly, but surely, spread itself through cables and wiring on every continent of our planet.

Pray Tell, Whence Does It Hail?
When your finger presses a switch, and the ceiling glows like the sun, where is that energy coming from? In terms of etymology, it’s related to the Greek for amber, which is also related to the word electron. As a prime power of our modern age, electricity is generated at electrical plants. By burning coal or natural gas, we spend energy that our power plants then convert into 100% electricity. Near sources of flowing waters and winds, hydroelectric and wind power plants are constructed.

The Magic of Converting Energy
To convert from fossil fuels and renewable resources, we get these energies to spin some turbines for us. By the force of gases, steam, water, wind flow, or nuclear power, kinetic energy passes through the shaft of a turbine and generator. Once it’s passed through the magnetic field inside the generator, kinetic goes electric, and the machines start humming. What’s harnessed afterward is measured in voltage.

After being sparked into life inside of a generator, our electrical current goes swimming in the direction of transmission—the substation, in fact. Courtesy of some large transformers, currents spike up to the range of 115,000 to 500,000 volts.

The Diaspora To Your Home
Once it’s flowing efficiently enough for transmission, electricity takes to the lines and soars for hundreds of miles. All that high voltage is great for speed of travel, but it’s not ready to go down into your home just yet. Interspersed as they are along the lines, transformers will reduce electrical voltage until it’s safer to distribute locally. As soon as the electricity reaches your service wires, your home is buzzing in tune.

It’s now that your main panels and local electricians get involved. Mister Sparky of Central New Jersey has the technicians and the expertise to ensure electricity is flowing happily in your home.


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