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Picking Out Your Residential Generator

In a hub of annual heat waves, hurricanes, and erratic NJ weather, it’s simply silly to be without a source of backup electricity. When you and your whole neighborhood lose power, it can take days, or weeks (as it did after Sandy) before you get electric back in your home or business. By calling a local electrical contractor, you can see that you’re ready for all of New Jersey’s natural fiascos. But before we call the tech, let’s talk more about the generator you want.

The Inconveniences of Power Outages
As you well know, when the power goes out, everything goes out with it-the hot and cold air, refrigerators, televisions, cell phone chargers, water pumps, and lighting. Without a consistent feed of electricity, your refrigerated foods perish before long. If you happen to be living through the most frigid week of the year, your pipes are even liable to freeze (lacking any heat). By purchasing and installing a generator for your home, you can avoid all those headaches.

A Range of Residential Generators
In the market of home generators, you essentially have two types of generators to choose between:

  • Portable generators are, naturally, powered by gas. Being portable, they’re required to be connected manually in the case of an electrical emergency. Instead of being rooted near your home, these generators come on frames that can be wheeled to and fro, depending on where the electric is needed.
  • Much more robust and reliable, automatic standby generators will turn on once the power goes out (even if you’re asleep, or out of your home). Like portable generators, they also run on gas (be it propane, or natural). Being automated, they’ll turn themselves off once power is restored to your area, eliminating all your anxieties.

The Generac Generator Solution
Of all the brands on the market, the experts won’t hesitate to tell you that Generac is king. Seated by your home (likely on a cemented throne), your Generac generator will ensure all your electronics stay buzzing throughout the worst of power outages. Connected as it is to your existing fuel supply, it will stay running as long as it needs to be on. Contractors and homeowners prefer the support of a Generac generator.


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